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    My name is John Davydov and I am a wedding photographer based in New York City that is available to travel worldwide. Photography In Style was created for brides who want to laugh, play, and shine on their wedding day.

    As a visual story teller, my love for the art has provided me with the opportunities to travel on assignments to Italy, Israel, Switzerland and Ukraine. My extensive experience in documentary, advertising, sports, portraiture and fashion has sharpened my skills and helps me capture your true emotions when saying “I do”.

    My laid-back personality puts the couples in the driver’s seat when it comes to their wedding day. My warm, energetic, yet unobtrusive personal style makes the photography a fun memorable part of their very special day. So take a look around and remember to laugh, play, and shine today. Interview With Photography In Style


What type of services do you offer

We are a professional photography studio that provides creative, artistic and contemporary pictures. We are available to travel worldwide.

What are some of the hottest trends you are seeing for upcoming seasons

In the upcoming season we are seeing a lot of brides that are concentrating on details; from fashion, to trash the dress, brides are looking to be more personal about their wedding day.

What are some “tricks” for families that want to get great photos

We definitely try to be organized as much as possible. We sit down make a timeline of the whole wedding with the bride and groom. In addition, we provide a family sheet for the day of the wedding, this way we don’t miss anybody when it comes to family pictures. After the wedding is over we take all the pictures and post it to our web-site where friends and family could see or buy.

Tell us about the types of packages, if any, that you offer

We really try to work with the brides and grooms when it comes to packages. In our package we offer “A day in the life of sessions” , where we go out and just spend time taking pictures of where the couple first met. We also offer many different types of handmade Italian albums for the wedding and engagements.

What’s your turnaround time

And, when can clients expect to get their photos after the shoot

The turnaround time for any event is usually two weeks. During that time we take each image and place our signature style and mark so that every image is better than the other. From color to blemishes removal to black and whites we really try to give and present the best product day in and day out.

How many pictures do you generally take in a standard package/shoot

We do not count how many pictures we take. We feel if there is something going on than that deserves a picture worth capturing we take it.

Do you offer families the option of adding “must have” photos to your work

We encourage our customers to bring in different magazines or pictures that they might want, this way it give us an understanding of what the client wants. Sometimes the brides have a check list of the type of shots to take and in that case we try to accommodate them as best as we could.

From where do you draw or get your inspiration

We get our inspiration from listing to a lot of music and watching beautiful movies that tell amazing stories. For us the inspiration of the couple coming together to celebrate their love is amazing. It is the moment where two people look into each other’s eyes before saying I do that just blows us away.

How about engagement photos and packages

In our pages we offer engagement photos as way for our clients to get more relaxed in front of the camera and a way to get to know us better.

What are some of the best locations for photos

The best location for the shoot has to be the city. The city is filled with many different people, different cultures, lights and best of all it is just a big playground to shoot in.

What are some of the unique and specialty features you offer

We give all brides and grooms two free comedy tickets so they could take their mind off planning and have a night on the town on us before the big day.

How can you make a couple’s photos really stand out

We add our personal signature and style to every photo when it comes to post production. We encourage our clients to just have fun and leave all the worrying to the professionals.

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